1 /'i:vFn/ adverb
1 used to emphasize something that is unexpected or surprising in what you are saying: Even the younger children enjoyed the concert. | We've all been naughty sometimes - even Mummy! | not even: Henry's a strict vegetarian - he doesn't even eat cheese. | I never even saw the kid until I hit him.
2 even bigger/better/brighter etc used to emphasize that someone or something is bigger, better etc than before, or than someone or something else you have just mentioned: New Jet now washes even whiter. | Diane knows even less about it than I do.
3 used to add a stronger, more exact word to what you are saying: Molly looked depressed, even suicidal. | The bride looked beautiful, radiant even.
4 even so spoken used to introduce something that is the opposite or very different from what you have been saying: I myself don't believe in ghosts. Even so, I wouldn't like to be alone in that room at night.
5 even if no matter if: Charlie's going to have problems finding a job even if she gets her A levels.
6 even though used to emphasize that although something happens or is true, something else also happens or is true: Even though they loved each other, they decided to part. | I can still remember, even though it was so long ago.
7 even now/then in spite of what has happened, what you have done, or what is true: I explained it all to him again, but even then he didn't understand. | Even now I find it hard to believe her story.
8 even as used to emphasize that something happens at the same moment as something else: I tried to phone her, but even as I was phoning she was leaving the building. | Even as we watched the car skidded out of control.
2 adjective
1 SURFACE completely flat with all parts at the same height: The floor must be completely even before we lay the tiles. | an even stretch of road
2 NOT CHANGING an even rate, temperature etc is steady and does not change much: We were travelling at an even speed. | an even rhythm
3 DIVIDED EQUALLY divided equally, so that there is the same amount of something in each place, for each person etc: an even distribution of wealth
4 even number a number that can be divided exactly by two: 2, 4, 6 and 8 are even numbers
—opposite odd number odd (6)
5 COMPETITION having teams or competitors that are equally good so that everyone has a chance of winning: This year's Superbowl was a very even contest.
6 LINE OF THINGS regularly spaced and neat-looking: even rows of gleaming white teeth
7 be even informal to no longer owe someone something, especially money: If you give me $5 for the ticket, we'll be even.
8 have an even chance (of) to be just as likely to happen as to not happen: Derek has an even chance of getting the job.
9 get even with informal to harm someone just as much as they have harmed you: He's not getting away with this, I'll get even with him one day.
—compare uneven, —see also: even­tempered, break even break 1 (9) — evenness noun (U) 3 verb even out phrasal verb (I, T) if two amounts, levels etc even out, or if you even them out, the differences between them become smaller: You have to wait until the water level in the pipes evens out. (even something out): They even out your payments over the whole year. even up phrasal verb (transitive even something up) to make a situation or competition more equal 4 noun (U) poetic evening

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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